LIQUIDLY Infrastructure For Illiquid Assets

Liquidly is a financial technology company that enables liquidity for illiquid assets via a seamless marketplace.

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Currently, over $9.8 trillion is
invested in private funds

Private Market Assets Under Management, H1 2021 ($ billion)


$1,789 $806 $331 $68

Venture Capital

$757 $159 $830 $83

Real Estate

$723 $334 $132 $58

Private Debt

$716 $351 $85 $36

INFRASTRUCTURE & Natural Resources

$552 $338 $116 $110


$334 $90 $507 $56


$339 $48 $72 $25

North America



Rest of World

Sources: Preqin, McKinsey & Company

The illiquidity paradigm for these
private funds is outdated


The secondary market for private fund assets has grown over 2x in 4 years, however, the market structure remains inadequate to support broad participation by investors and managers.

Global Secondaries
Transactions ($ billion)

Sources: Greenhill, Setter Capital, Whitehorse Liquidity Partners

Liquidly is building infrastructure for these locked-up funds to facilitate a secondary market commensurate to the assets under management.

Why Liquidly?

Fund Manager

  • Streamlined process = less effort and less risk
  • Flexibility to structure vehicles with longer lock-up periods
  • Access to data on market activity
  • Centralized venue to permission and view trading activity

Buyer Investors

  • Access to assets permissioned by Fund Managers
  • Technology-enabled features to improve execution
  • Ability to indicate interest in buying assets
  • Standardized diligence materials furnished on platform

Seller Investors

  • Fund Manager-approved process
  • Access to network of prospective investors
  • Standardized commercial terms to improve execution
  • Ability to respond to buy-side interest in specific assets

For Fund Managers

Secondary Liquidity

Option for liquidity differentiates Manager as a cutting-edge fiduciary

Capital Raising

Managers convert traffic in the secondary market to capital raised.
For HNW pools liquidity will be top-of-mind

Fund Structures

Liquidity infrastructure allows Managers to structure longer-lock or permanent capital vehicles


Anusha Harid

Founder and CEO

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Gopal Gajjar

Product Designer

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Keyur Raval

Solutions Architect

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Margaret Cho

VP of Legal

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